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Major historical events in the development process of BEDFORD

l The founder of our company, Zhang Xuemei, resigned from the state-owned enterprise and started his business of inverter in May, 1996.

Guangzhou Liwei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. was established on May 1, 2003. In September, the first B500 series 280KW inverter was developed and produced. It was successfully applied to the sewage treatment.The energy saving effect is remarkable.

In April 2007, Guangzhou Liwei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. changed its name to Guangzhou Bedford Electric Equipment Co., Ltd., and registered trademarks both of English and Chinese of “BEDFORD” in the same year.

In 2007, the first inverter was exported to Turkey and the international market was gradually opened.

In 2009, our company developed the first backpack style intelligent water pump inverter in China and led the market.

In 2009, our products passed the IS9001 and ISO14001 system certification, and obtained the sanitary license for safety products of drinking water hygiene and the EU CE certification.

In 2012, our company established research and development department.

In September 2014, our company became the winning bidder for the Guangzhou Water Supply Company's 2014-2016 secondary water supply booster equipment procurement project (the second bidding).

In 2015, we obtained a number of computer software copyright certificates, design patent certificates and utility model patent certificates. Besides, our company applied for and passed the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Small Giant Enterprise.

In 2016, our company obtained Guangzhou Liwan District SME Technology Innovation Fund, the high-tech cultivation of Guangdong Province and obtained the Guangzhou City Tax Credit A-level certificate.

In 2017, our company won the first invention patent certificate and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.