B601B,B601B2 (IP54)



B601B, B601B2 series products are specially designed for water pump which are the integrated intelligent controller with superior performance and rich function, can meet the requirement of water supply in different occasions and improve the quality of water supply system to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. 



Single phase inputSingle phase output

 Input voltage

Single phase220V   50/60Hz

 Output power range

Single phase0~220V   0.75~2.2KW

 High quality, multi-functional, low noise and strong commonality.

 B601B2 series haven’t special demands to peripherals, it almost can be use the normal component. For example:

      The pressure detection output signals is 4~20mA0~5VDC

      0~10VDC Standard signal pressure transmitter.


Model list

B601B,B601B2 (IP54)


Main Features

 Sleep FunctionNo water consumption pump decelerates to the lower limit and after a detection then sleep down. Until the pressure below settings, master wake up automatically.

 Restarts After Power onPower off during running, it restarts when power on again

 Anti clogging FunctionJust designed for single pump, the pump run REV/FWD alternate.

 Day-Part ControlSplit one day into several day-part to run a private pressure respectively. Considered input side water pressure limit, once input water pressure is less than setting pressure, stop running; while up to setting, recover running.

 Terminal Run/StopCan be lead to external switch from terminal. When switch on, pump run and maintain a setting constant pressure; when switch off, pump stopped.

 Electric contact ControlTwo terminals switch on COM instruct the controller to accelerate and decelerate respectively. Can used for realize the pump running in a switch setting pressure range.

 Electrical fault protection: When there is an over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over load etc, the controller will alarm and stop automatically.



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