WLD190(IP54)New Style



 WLD190 Series product is specially designed for water pump and matched economical integration of single-pump intelligent controller, which can meet requirements of water supply and drainage in a variety of circumstances.



Input voltage & Output power range:

WLD190(IP54)New Style

External Dimension



Main Features

Automatically control and constant water pressure

Setting pressure through keypad directly

Auto control and constant pressure water supply.

Built-in PID control method can realize non-loaded shut down(sleep mode)

System auto-stop when no water supply and will auto-start when water supply recovery

Running automatically when power on (Power on restart)

Fault parameter record in real-time for analysis.

Pressure Detection can accept output signal: 4~20mA0.5~4.5VDC transducer range (transmissible pressure gauge and transmitter including water level transmitter)


Dry running protection

High and low voltage protection

Short circuit protection

High and low water pressure protection

Phase failure protection

Overheat protection

Pressure transducer failure protection




Environment temperature range: 0 °C ~ + 40 °C .  Lower than 1000m installation altitude.

Business: Such as Hotel,Office building,Shopping Mall,Large Sauna etc.

Public field: Such as Hospital,School,Indoor Stadium etc.

Agriculture: Such as Irrigation,Farm,Orchard etc.

Manufacturing industry: Such as Washing equipment,Food Industry,Workshop etc.

Domestic water: Such as Residential Community Areas, Villas etc.

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