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Introduction:The system include complete set of water supply equipment and touch screen operating system. The users can choose the equipment from dual-pump to five pump according to the demand, including multiple pump linkage mode with same model of water pump or another model with smaller-flow pump.
Introduction:B603B SDY Series can directly set pressure on pump controller.When water consumption increase, the frequency of motor will speed up.While water consumption decrease,the frequency of motor will lower to keep pressure constant. And automatic sleep down when there is no water consumption.
Introduction:B1100 Series with superior performance and rich function, can meet the requirement of water supply in different occasions and improve the quality of water supply system to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.
Introduction: BEDFORD APP is a constant pressure water supply system monitoring software based on mobile Internet technology. It is used in conjunction with the WLD2000 intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply system to provide users with real-time remote monitoring, fault alarm, information query and other functions and fully ensure the normal operation of the water supply system.
Introduction:The whole system is divided into three parts: Filed controller, Server and Client. The three parts is connected through internet. The platform is based on internet which can form the three-level network to realize the  pump’s remote monitoring and maintenance and information sharing.
Introduction:B603S-BDLF(Vertical Multi-pump)Series  is a new water supply equipment with tremendous development  potentiality and  high extension value in use. Each pump is equipped with a pump controller. And the pump controllers can communicate with each other and multi-pump switch automatically.
Introduction: The multi-pumps water supply system will achieve to stop/run the single pump, switch the pumps and multi-pumps work together etc task through the communiction of the inverter and the effect of intelligent decision which instead of control cabinet.
IntroductionB603S-BDLF series are the integrated intelligent variable frequency constant water supply equipment, single pump system.
IntroductionB603S-BMF series are the integrated intelligent variable frequency constant water supply equipment, single pump system.