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Introduction:BDF-CTA series of pressure transmitter have high quality, high stability, small size, low weight, compact structure, low cost and mass production, which are widely used to measure pressure of air compressors, auto engines, air conditioning equipment, etc.
Introduction:Stainless steel axial pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power stations and other industrial which has higher demand for corrosion resistance, seismic process in measuring the pressure of all kinds of fluid medium.
Introduction:Five-way Check Valve is with advanced design, all parts are made of high quality materials, fully open to fully close. The material can be divided into two types: Nickel plated copper and stainless steel.
Introduction:B55-PT Series Pressure Tank are made up of nature polypropylene liner and high quality butyl rubber diaphragm which is approved by FDA. B55-PT Series Pressure Tank could be applied to variety of drinking water system. Including turbocharging system, thermal expansion, water pump system and protecting water hammer.